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The Love of Football

by Natasha Shafai

Why do we love football? It’s the eternal question that my dad asks me? ”You’re a girl”
he says and I reply with ”That’s a bit sexist” but he says he doesn’t mean it like that. I love
the passion, the adrenaline rush when my team scores, the pure unadulterated joy and
happiness when you win a big game, the devastation coupled with tears when you lose
and there’s the science behind it as well. It’s estimated that we can burn up to 300 calories
during the 90 minutes. Just by being nervous and the adrenaline that runs around our body
every time the opposition has an effort on goal, a bad challenge happens to your player, the
ref does something that annoys you or we have an effort of their goals…so the whole 90
minutes basically. I don’t need to exercise just watch United play a couple of times of week!

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Why I Love: Ray Hudson

Why I Love: Ray Hudson

By Tom Myers

As football fans, we have all grown accustomed to bemusement at the bewildering array of words used by various commentators to describe 22 grown men kicking a ball around a pitch for 90 minutes. However, no commentator can cause quite the hilarity, emotiveness or confusion that the combustible Ray Hudson produces. The sheer volume of his lexicon is matched only by his not-so-secret love affair with Argentina’s great entertainers, Leo Messi and Juan ‘Celestial’ Riquelme. Any man who compares a goal to the works of a celebrated 17th century Roman Baroque sculptor is a man who deserves to be applauded.

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Why I Love: Newcastle United

By Craig Stokes

They have some of the best fans in the world, if not THE best, and probably one of the most frustrating football teams to support. That’s right, I’m talking about Newcastle United Football Club, the mighty Toon Army.
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