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Poems: Mr 15% By Paz Bassra

Mr 15%

Money talks, Money speaks.
A dark shadow in a tailored Armani suit.
Mr 15% on his phone hustling for loot.

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Poems: An Ode to Ginola by Paz Bassra

By Paz Bassra

An Ode To GinolaGraceful gliding winger that had defences unlocked.
The fans came to every game, they flocked.
Your flowing locks bouncing as you beat one and then two.
You ducked inside from the left and struck the ball true.
The talented talisman of White Hart Lane.
Everyone remembers that Barnsley game.

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Poems: Jumpers for goalposts by Paz Bassra

Jumpers for Goalposts

I remember yesteryear, a young lad in a Bull number 9 shirt jumps in the air.
“Over here!” I scream,
so does Mum,
“Your tea’s on the table! And afterwards times-tables to be done!”
“9pm sharpish is bedtime young man.”
He dreams a little dream of games to be had.

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