The Man in Black 06/02/12

by Joe Kasper


A weekend yet again full of debatable and controversial refereeing decisions I’m going to started
with the biggest game of the ten fixtures.

Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Controversial decision number one was the decision not to award Manchester United a penalty after
a foul by Jose Bosingwa on Ashley Young. I initially felt that Young actually dived here but after the
Match of the Day pundits had pointed out that there was a tug on his shirt, that cast a little doubt
in my mind about my first thought. Looking at the replay there is a tug on Young’s shirt but it’s
nowhere near enough to send him tumbling like that. Verdict: right decision.

The second of the game was another United attack. Welbeck is played through on goal and Cahill
appears to trip the English forward. The commentator on Match of the Day Two said: “Welbeck
is absolutely furious.” And he had every right to be. Chelsea’s new signing doesn’t get enough of
the ball, if any, and Welbeck could quite easily have gone on to score to make it 1-0. What Howard
Webb should’ve done is awarded Man Utd a free kick – as it was clearly outside the box – and a
caution would be the right decision as Welbeck was not heading towards the goal. Verdict: wrong.

Now for the penalties. The first, a foul on Evra by Sturridge. At first glance it looked soft and that
Sturridge is the stronger man. But replays show that Evra was first to the ball and the English
forward kicks the Man Utd left-back’s foot thus getting none of the ball and at that speed, sending
Evra to the ground. However, I feel it is important to mention that even though it is the right
decision, I don’t feel if it was me in the referee’s situation, I would have given the penalty. Verdict:
right decision.

And finally the second penalty. Before I go on, it is no surprise that all four of the decisions are for
Man Utd attacks. United were by far the better team. The latter penalty looked more of a penalty
to me. Yes Ivanovic tries to take his leg away but he slips and is out of control. If Welbeck has
deliberately put his leg in the way then I don’t blame him. If the Chelsea defender attempts to make
a tackle and is out of control in what he is doing he’s looking for trouble. No complaints. Verdict:
right decision.

Now to the other decisions of the weekend.

Starting with the biggest mistake of the weekend by far. The red card awarded to Robert Huth for his
out of control challenge on a Sunderland player. Yes it’s wild and the Stoke defender has no control
on it – probably down to the conditions. But as you can see, he’s not leading with studs and pulls
his leg back. I understand Tony Pulis has appealed the decision and I don’t blame him. A yellow card
would have been the right decision. Red is too harsh. Verdict: wrong.

The decision by Andre Marriner to send off Gail Givet in their thrashing by Arsenal, was correct. It
was two footed and unnecessary. Verdict: right decision.

Mark Clattenburg had no choice but to send off QPR’s Cisse against Wolves. As soon as you raise your
hands your guaranteed a yellow card. Anything from the neck up is a straight red all day. It wasn’t
the best challenge by Johnson, but it wasn’t the worst. It warranted a yellow card. The Wolves
defender has every right to go for that ball. Maybe from Cisse’s history of injuries that’s the reason
why he has reacted like that. But again it’s very unnecessary. Let the referee do his job.

He’s cost his team the game. Verdict: right decision.

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