Balotelli Watch: Week 3

"Best Dressed".....really?!

by Tom Stewart

It’s been quite some week for Super Mario, as he continues to make headlines. However this week it has been for the wrong reasons (ie. not paying for everyone’s petrol, wearing funny stuff, making his garden into a quad bike track etc.).

After Manchester City’s 3-2 win over Tottenham, in which the Italian striker scored a late winner, Balotelli was retrospectively given a four match ban for stamping on Scott Parker’s face.

A normal ban for this kind of incident would be a three match ban, however, following Mario’s sending off against Liverpool in November, he has been given an extra game.

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini said: “I don’t agree with this decision [to ban Balotelli]. We accept it, but we cannot do anything. I explained it to Mario and he understood everything.”

City first-team coach David Platt had hinted on Tuesday the club would reluctantly accept the decision: “We are likely to be without a player for four games.”

The action didn’t stop there, Mario fans, as his agent (who i’d like to think is even crazier) claimed that he was being victimised and could be forced out of the English game. Agent Mino Raiola said: “”I think he feels persecuted; he cannot go on like that,

“We had a very clear image of his career at the beginning and I told the press openly Mario will have to stay at Manchester City for at least three of four years, helping the club on this important project and grow as a man and a player.

“Obviously if he’s being banned every three or four games for one reason or another we cannot go on like that and there needs to be an end to that.

“So if that’s the case and English referees and the English FA would like Mario to go out of England then we would take that seriously in consideration, even if that’s not and was not our intention.

“He [Mario] is very disappointed about the decision. He loves playing in England. He keeps asking ‘why always me, why does it always come back to me?’ He loves playing in England and I think he feels persecuted.”

Today, it emerged that Mario was named in the top 5 of GQ Magazine’s ‘Best Dressed Men”

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