News: Indian Football League Unveiled

Robbie Fowler: Obscure league specialist

by Tom Stewart

Following in the footsteps of Cricket’s Indian Premier League, the Indian FA has unveiled a brand new 6 franchise league to help kick-start the sport in the country.

The league, backed by the Celebrity Management Group (CMG) begins in February and looks set to contain a whole host of (old) big name players.

It will follow the model shown by the MLS,where each team has a ‘icon’ player, and must have several under-21 Indian players, with all 6 teams being based in the West Bengal area

Fabio Cannavaro, Robert Pires and Robbie Fowler have all signed up, with the likes of Maniche, Jay-Jay Okocha, Hernan Crespo and Fernando Morientes all look set to join them.

India, the second most populated nation on earth, are currently ranked 162nd in the world and have never appeared in a World Cup. Football is hugely overshadowed by cricket there, although viewing figures for Premier League games are extremely high, suggesting that with the right investment the interest for football may be there.

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